Campaign to Establish a Canadian Department of Peace

Department of Peace: :

Canadian Peace Initiative (CPI)

“The very agonies of war and the dark night of suffering that has lasted for centuries are awakening civilization to a new understanding: the peoples of the Earth have a sacred right to peace.”

– Senator Douglas Roche, a prominent supporter of the Canadian Department of Peace Initiative (CPDI), in The Human Right to Peace, by Douglas J. Roche, 2003, page 17.

Given the escalation of violent conflict, the increased threat of nuclear annihilation and lawlessness across our world today, there has never been greater urgency or a better window of opportunity to promote the Canadian Peace Initiative (CPI).

The department would develop a coordinated and coherent paradigm for a sustainable peace across all government departments. The Minister would advance an agenda for a new architecture of peace by supporting and establishing activities that promote a culture of peace and assertive non-violence in Canada and the world. LEARN more >