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Pax Christi Toronto letter to Prime Minister Harper

added April 9th, 2012

Excerpt from letter Pax Christi Toronto (Catholics for Peace) sent to Prime Minister Harper:

Violence has repeatedly proven inadequate and unacceptable in dealing with social and political issues. Violence not only fails to solve conflict but exacerbates and escalates it, and it serves to perpetuate injustices. We must adopt attitudes in political life governed by respect for others, for human life, and for local communities in areas of conflict.

With a focused Department of Peace, Canada can work with global partners to divert, de-escalate, and avoid violent conflict around the world. This is the role we want for our country on the world stage. Establishment of the tools and mechanisms for building peace will enable us to work towards a just and compassionate society in collaboration with others in our global community.

As stated in the Department of Peace Initiative, the Minister of Peace in Cabinet would provide the vital coordination of Canada—s peace-related activities and develop policy aimed at achieving true security based on global social, economic, and ecological justice.

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